I have a general question!

You can reach out by submitting feedback and support questions in-app through the Settings tab. You can also email info@mycashew.co for any other questions not answered in this FAQ or our TOS and Privacy Policy pages, but please expect a slower response vs. in-app support.

How does Cashew work?

Cashew aims to be as simple as possible. Just sign up for an account and start taking surveys immediately. Under the hood, we partner with a variety of survey providers to ensure we have a robust inventory, readily available, for all consumer demographics.

Is my privacy protected and what is Cashew doing with my data?

Yes, Cashew only stores data as necessary to ensure that the functionality of the app is working as intended. We also store data for fraud detection and app analytics purposes. The data you provide will be anonymized into a blind pool of data from other users and no personally identifiable information (such as your name) will
ever be shared with a third party. 

How does Cashew make money?

CASHEW ONLY MAKES MONEY WHEN YOU DO! We take a fee of each successfully completed survey and pass the majority of that along to our end users.

I got to the end of the survey only to get disqualified.

Unfortunately, what most likely happened is that one of the following:
– You took a survey that was not designed for mobile, and the survey partner failed to exclude that survey (thus you couldn’t physically navigate to the end)
– You were actually disqualified for an answer, but the survey partner didn’t notify you until the end
– The survey you were working on reached its quota for number of answers and
you were not notified

We know that this is the biggest issue for everyone, but unfortunately, its an issue industry wide, and not just for us. We’re working hard and together with our survey partners to try to improve this experience.

I can’t seem to qualify for any surveys

On average, Cashew users qualify for 1 in 4 surveys. Our survey inventory refreshes daily, so please check again tomorrow to see if you qualify for any surveys. Also, please double check your profile and make sure key information such as age, gender, and zip code are correctly inputted. Surveys are much more frequent during the weekdays as well. So don’t get discouraged if there’s less available on weekends.

When am I going to get paid?

You should expect to receive payment within 1-3 business days. Users of our Paypal instant payment services should expect to be paid within 5-10 minutes upon transfer.

What is the minimum cash out amount?

At current moment it is $5 dollars, but we’re constantly improving our product and hope to offer even lower amounts in the future.

Why was I disqualified from a survey?

Our survey partners are looking for a variety of individuals to take their surveys, and you might just not be qualified to take that specific survey. For example, a survey on cats might only be looking for cat-lovers and not dog-lovers.

Why did my account get banned?

You most likely violated our terms of service around having multiple or fraudulent accounts, spam, not being located in the US for our market research rewards, or you provided consistently low quality responses to our survey partners. We are happy to review any ban appeals through our support email info@mycashew.co

I’m a brand and I’d like to work with Cashew

We’d love to work with brands directly. Please email info@mycashew.co and we’ll setup a time to discuss further.