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App Updates

  • March 15th App Update
    We are bringing an updated version of our app to the app store for all and I’m excited to announce some new features. We’ve improved new users onboarding experience as well as our existing user base by introducing Cashew Verified Status. What’s that you ask? It’s a set of missions and once those are completed, your profile strength will become… Read More »March 15th App Update
  • March 3rd Update
    In the latest update, we’ve made the follow major improvements: Check out our revamped referral system. Earn powerful income bonuses for you and your friends! We’ve changed the bonus so that both referee and referrers get a 50% more money bonus for 1 hour. So, you have the possibility to make even more than the $1 referral bonus that was… Read More »March 3rd Update
  • Feb App Updates
  • Cash Out Bonus and Sharing Bonus Update
    Big, exciting news for this upcoming weekend. We’re releasing an update that will contain a bonus sharing mechanic as well as a bonus after cash outs. Essentially, when you cash out, not only do you earn a X% bonus on all completed surveys for 1 hour, you can also share that bonus with a club member of your choosing! When… Read More »Cash Out Bonus and Sharing Bonus Update
  • First 2023 Update
    We thought we at Cashew would start the year off right with two app upgrades for our Cashew family. The first update you will see on the right side is the post-cash out incentive we’ve added to encourage everyone to keep taking surveys after cashing out. A little thank you bonus from us to you. The left side is a… Read More »First 2023 Update